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Welcome to Wynyard High School

‘Together We Can’

At Wynyard High School we believe that a successful school is built upon a foundation of talented and passionate staff, strong connections with the wider community and high expectations of all students, Years 7-12. Respectful relationships underpin our positive and diverse school culture. We commit to empowering our diverse student cohort to be aspirational, lifelong learners who are courageous and resilient. We focus on academic excellence and inclusive practices. As a small school we are able to foster strong relationships with all our students and their families.

Alongside our Core Values of ‘Respect, Aspiration, Growth and Courage’, is the ongoing development of a curriculum which provides rich learning opportunities that prepares our students to be valuable global citizens of the 21st Century. Students at Wynyard High School are encouraged to become involved in the many unique opportunities we offer, amongst a vast range of in class and extra-curricular activities which meets the needs of all learners. Strong community partnerships, with a wide variety of organisations, allow us to offer unique learning opportunities such as Purposeful Futures, Packages of Learning (Architecture and Construction), sporting activities and our Values and Community Involvement Days.

At Wynyard High School we offer the opportunity for students to participate in a range of extension programs such as: Maths Extended, STEM, Gifted and on-line courses, extension Art and Creative Writing.  Our comprehensive options program offers students from Year 7-10 the opportunity to participate in: Languages (Chinese), The Arts (Visual Art, Dance, Drama and Music), Digital and Design Technologies (Food and Fibre, MDT, Hospitality, Foods and Textiles)

Our extensive Health and Physical Education program focuses on the overall health and well-being of students and includes our unique Surf Carnival at Boat Harbour Beach, our scenic cross country course and the use of the local sporting facilities. Students have the opportunity to represent the school in a variety of team sports including: netball, football, soccer, basketball and cricket.

All students are allocated a personal computer device which is used in all areas of the curriculum, particularly during our unique Integrated technologies program, which focuses on coding, robotics and maximising the use of technology across all subjects. Our whole school reading program focuses on transferable reading comprehension strategies to improve the reading of all our students.

Our school offers a number of opportunities for older students to mentor younger students. Our buddy to buddy reading program builds reading comprehension strategies, reading fluency and relationships. Our Year 10 student leaders also facilitate a valuable Peer Support Program which assists with transition. 

Our school motto ‘Together We Can’ is symbolic of the commitment we have to working supportively with families and community agencies to foster outstanding learning outcomes for all students.  We value each individual at Wynyard High School and we all work collaboratively to ignite the passion for learning in a safe and stimulating environment which promotes excellence in thinking and achievement.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school

Helena Moore

Our Values

Aspiration – a culture of high expectations and high achievement

Courage – accepting challenges and embracing opportunities

Growth – improving by always learning and finding better ways to do things

Respect – respecting ourselves, others, our past and our environment